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Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD/MBA 
266 W Corning Ave. 
Syracuse, NY 13205 


About The Author 

Dr Jennifer Daniels is widely considered one of the foremost Alternative Healing 
Physicians alive today. Dr Daniels graduated from Harvard University with Honors 
receiving a BA degree. 

Her education continued at the University of Pennsylvania where she received her 
Medical Degree (MD) and also attended Wharton where she received her MBA in 
Health Care Administration. 

She practiced medicine for 10 years as a Board Certified Family Practice Physician 
where she saw first hand the power of Natural Methods. 

She has been coaching clients to successfully heal naturally since 1985. 

Dr. Daniels is the author of the award winning book, Do You Have the Guts to Be 

Dr. Daniels has also authored a series of CD's on Natural Healing. You can get her 
myth busting and often controversial informative and life changing book and CD's at 

Dr. Daniels has created several Life-Changing Reports: 

* "Why the 6 O'clock News is not enough - Exposes the censorship in the media 
concerning your health and what you can do." 

* "The Epidemic That Wasn't - Guaranteed to permanently change the way you view 
test results and how to protect yourself." 

* "The Truth About Superbugs and How to Protect Yourself - Hint, hand washing is not 
enough. The fool proof defense system to safeguard your health." 

Dr Daniels is also available for Holistic Mentoring Consultations and speaking to your 

For more information or for customer support, you can email . 


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Nothing in this document is intended to constitute medical advice or treatment. Information in this 
document is a combination of information found in medical literature and information acquired through 
clinical observation by Dr. Jennifer Daniels in her medical clinical practice. 

This information is for informational purposes only. Nothing, including communications with Dr. Daniels, 
should be taken as medical advice. 

Because there is always some risk involved, the author of this document is not responsible for any 
adverse detoxification effects or consequences resulting from the use of any suggestions or procedures 
described in this document. 

Please check with your doctor or nutritionist before making any dietary changes or starting an exercise 

The author and publisher of this document and the accompanying materials have used their best efforts 
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Table of Contents 

About The Author 
Notice: Disclaimer 

Why Most Therapies Fail 

The Search For The Cure 

How To Put The Miracle To Work For You 

5 Steps To Success 

Historical Evidence 

Maximize Your Comfort and Success 

Case Studies 

Special Cases 

Candida Cleaner FAQ's 


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This is the end of your hopelessness. You are no longer a prisoner to Candida. Read 
this and celebrate. If you are the typical reader, you have tried many approaches and 
spent thousands of dollars with modest results if any. This is all going to change. 


Candida plagues many Americans for years and there have been many supplements 
proposed to treat it as well as many diets. This PDF tells the story of how I discovered 
something that helped my patients conquer Candida quickly. 

Candida was not always as prevalent as it is in modern times. The picture below shows 
why Candida causes so many symptoms and is so difficult to eradicate. 

Candida can be anywhere in the body but once there are symptoms, it is always in the 
intestines. Command Central, or the point from which the damage is done, is the small 

Your body completes the digestion process in the small intestines and this is where 
nutrients are absorbed. The Candida spreads itself across the surface of the small 
intestines and intercepts the nutrients for its own use. 

Many nutrients that are not absorbed by the Candida remain unavailable to your body 
due to the barrier that the layer of Candida creates. This causes fatigue as your body 
expends all the energy of digestion and gets none of the benefit. Simply going on a 
restrictive diet, makes this barrier thinner but it is still a barrier. Further, Candida can 
also configure itself into a ball. 

The Candida at the core of this ball can be dormant and persist despite your efforts at 
dietary restrictions. Candida can also assume the form of spores that can go long 
periods without nutrition only to create misery just when you thought you got rid of them. 

Candida are able to produce chemicals that mimic cravings and devastate your efforts 
to heal. For these reasons, Candida is like a curse. Once it is established, it takes 
over. Most interventions do not address the Candida's defense mechanisms. 

The Miracle Candida Cleaner tricks the Candida into letting down its defenses so that 
your efforts can provide the results your desire. This Candida solution may very well be 
the most powerful and versatile natural healing substance in the history of our country. 
This is a substance that was used widely in the late 1800’s, and now in the twenty-first 
century there is practically no written information on this. 

The purpose of this document is to provide information and share with you my 
experience. This blows the lid off the Candida epidemic. 



My name is Dr. Jennifer Daniels and I have been trained as an allopathic medical 
physician. I attended a Medical School, University of Pennsylvania. I also received a 
Bachelors degree from Harvard University, as well as a Masters in Business 
Administration from the Wharton School of Business. 

As Candida is very much a lifestyle disease, it is important to know that my parents 
raised me in the usual manner with meat, sugar, juice and all the things that contribute 
to a Candida causing diet. I discovered the Candida Cleanser while making the same 
lifestyle transitions that many of you will have to make. 

As a physician, I had the privilege of assisting hundreds of people in making this 
transition and observing their progress. I will share some of their stories with you. 

Once I established my medical practice, I began to help people get better using diet, 
vitamins, enemas, organic food, distilled water, a long list of what is now known as 
lifestyle changes. 

People were getting better but I noticed that when they had a little misstep in their 
lifestyle changes, they would have a severe flare of their symptoms. I felt like there had 
to be something I could do to prevent flare-ups from minor missteps and have healing 
results that were more durable. 

At the same time, I was homeschooling my children and so I was reading various 
historic accounts, just by way of helping them understand their studies. I came across 
something as we were studying the 1800’s. It was mentioned that farmers in the United 
States gave something to their families twice a year. This mystery substance cured 
everything and kept their families healthy. 

It immediately occurred to me that this mystery substance could be just what I was 
looking for to help my patients have better results. Now I calculated that farmers, even 
in the 1800’s, were fairly poor people, and so whatever they gave their family had to 
cost somewhere around one penny, if that much. 

Then, I noticed, reading my little herbal books, that the Chinese seemed to spend $35 
per year per person to provide health care to their citizens and their citizens live longer 
and healthier than Americans, who spend thousands of dollars per year, per citizen. 
This gave me confidence that what I was looking for was effective, affordable and really 
existed. Further reading of history gave more clues. 

My children and I were reading about the African slaves. We read that the African 
slaves had something that they used that was extremely powerful. And that in colonial 
times it was felt that the medicine of the American Indians was more powerful than the 


medicines used by rural Americans, and that was still more powerful yet than the 
medicines used by the slave owners. 

However, all the medicines were superseded or were not as powerful as that used by 
the slaves themselves. Masters would go to the slave quarters when they had serious 
ailments that were life threatening and be revived. I said h-m-m, now if a slave is using 
it, it must be very inexpensive and quite common. 

So I searched through all of my herbal books, and by that time I had over 300 books. 
Not a reference in any one of them to anything that was inexpensive and would improve 
health. I had miracle cure books, and still nothing, no mention. So, since I had an 
active family practice, I said ah-ha, I will ask my patients. Many of them were 
descended from slaves. 

So I asked them, “Was there something that was very cheap that was given twice a 
year and cured everything? Maybe your mother used it or your grandmother used it.” 

At first I didn’t get much information but I kept asking and finally some patients just 
started laughing and laughing and laughing. 

They said “Dr. Daniels, oh yes, must be that turpentine, yup, turpentine and sugar.” 
Person after person mentioned turpentine and sugar, turpentine and sugar. 

And so, I said, “ Now who in your family used turpentine and sugar?” 

They said, “My grandmother.” 

I said, ’’Well do you use it?" 

And to a person they said, “Oh absolutely not.” 

These were people in their forties. So, I presumed that their grandparents were 

I said "oh, now when did your grandmother die?" 

“Oh, no, she is still alive. Ninety-six and still kicking, still taking her turpentine and 

I said, “Well, do you think she might talk to me about it?” 

I was told, "She sticks pretty much to herself. Takes care of her own house and doesn't 
bother much with people." I was very impressed that taking turpentine and living 
independently to the age of 90+ were compatible. 


Somehow I couldn’t get anyone to connect me with their grandparent and so I still 
searched and searched the literature for more information. Not a single reference to 

So, I asked these people, “ Well, how much turpentine?” 

They responded, “ I don’t know”. 

I said, “So how much sugar?” 

They would say, “ I don’t know.” 

I said, “Well what kind of sugar?” 

They said, “I don’t know.” 

I said, “Well, how often?” 

Again the answer was, “I don’t know.” 

So finally after about six months of gentle inquiry, and scouring the literature and finding 
nothing, my curiosity got the best of me. So I went down the block to the hardware 
store and bought a can of turpentine. As luck would have it, I purchased a brand that 
was "100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine". 

Now any turpentine can that you buy is going to have some pretty impressive labeling 
on it - it is the law: 

* Known to cause birth defects in the State of California. 

* Fatal. 

* Deadly if swallowed. 

* Contact your doctor immediately if you put any in your mouth. 

So then I continued on to the grocery store and got a little box of sugar cubes. These 
happened to be the smallest sugar cubes in the grocery store, 1 cm or less on each 
side. I did not want to totally ignore the warnings on the can. I made sure my will was 
complete and in plain view. I notified myself since I was a doctor--this satisfied the label 
warning. I decided to take the turpentine in the evening after office hours so that if I 
died, there would be time to cancel the next day’s patients. Further, I thankfully noted 
that I was not in the state of California. 


I sat down at the kitchen table. Put the sugar cubes down and sat the turpentine down, 
and I said, well, this is it. I am either going to die or I am going to find out something. 

So I opened the box of sugar cubes and put one sugar cube on a ceramic plate. I then 
opened my turpentine can, pored it into a teaspoon, and dripped the turpentine, onto the 
sugar cube. I took the sugar cube, chewed it, and washed it down with water. I did not 
feel any different. I went on about my business, and went to work the next day. 

The next evening I returned to the same chair in my kitchen and did two sugar cubes. 
Again, I did not feel anything. I became quite bold and the third day I did three sugar 
cubes. Thirty seconds after taking the turpentine, I felt wonderful. My brain was 
exceptionally clear; I was filled with energy. I didn’t need to take my Ayurvedic vitamins, 
my mega vitamins, my vitamin C--I was taking eleven vitamins a day. I felt so great, I 
skipped my vitamins that day. 

The sensation of well being, was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was as if years 
of fatigue just evaporated. I knew this was the secret. I discovered the dose that 
caused benefit, now, I needed to find the dose at which one experiences not so good 
reactions. So the fourth day I took four sugar cubes, the fifth day I took five sugar 
cubes, and so on. Finally, on the seventh day I felt a twitch. I can’t explain it, all I can 
tell you is it wasn’t particularly pleasant or unpleasant, but having read the back of the 
turpentine can, I deduced that this might be one of the things the turpentine can was 
talking about. So I stopped taking turpentine for two weeks, to let it wash out of my 

The next thing I had to figure out was how often should a person take turpentine and 
sugar. In other words, if one takes one dose, how long is it before another dose is 
needed to continue the improvement caused by the first dose? So then I took my three 
sugar cubes, stacked them up one on top of the other, took a teaspoon of turpentine, 
poured it over the top cube, and the turpentine dripped down through the top cube, the 
second cube and just entered the third cube. 

I did not let the turpentine get to the bottom of the third cube. So I took these three 
sugar cubes, and just like the first time I felt wonderful. 

I said OK let me keep track and see how long this feeling lasts. Well it turns out that it 
was about five days before I felt like maybe I could use a vitamin pill. And so then I 
concluded that three sugar cubes two times a week was the dose for maintaining good 

Then the next thing to determine was how long could one take it every single day 
without experiencing any adverse events? Well, I then took turpentine and sugar, three 
sugar cubes every single day for about a week. I did not experience any adverse 
events but I decided that was long enough for the purposes of science. 

Then I approached my mother who suffered from chronic pain of her finger (30 years) 
and her knees (fifteen years). I explained to her that I had been taking it for a while and 


would she please try it. She said well OK, and so mom took turpentine and sugar and 
her pain got less and less and went away over a period of one week. 

Then I approached my sister-in-law and asked her, "Would you take turpentine and 

She had some aches, pains, fatigue and various vague but annoying problems. She 
took turpentine and sugar and her pains went away. 

I said, "Oh my goodness, this could be the miracle remedy I was looking for!" 

And so from working with these relatives and a few others who were so kind as to 
volunteer, I deduced that turpentine and sugar, basically, is one teaspoon a day 
maximum dose, over three sugar cubes 2 times a week. I started recommending it to 
patients who had been suffering from longstanding incurable diseases for which there 
was no effective medical therapy and people who had not gotten complete healing with 
diet, cleansing and vitamins. 

I would like to share with you stories of people who have taken turpentine and sugar, 
and their experiences. And my experience in working with people who chose to avail 
themselves of the power of turpentine. 

Turpentine and sugar is absolutely marvelous and the thing that’s so absolutely 
hilarious about it is that the turpentine, a deadly substance combined with white sugar, 
another deadly substance, heals. Also, it is curious that one could be labeled as fit for 
human consumption yet the other is all but banned. 

Since we are focusing on Candida, it is important to understand why turpentine is such a 
miracle breakthrough. The Candida loves sugar. Although it is adapted to the human 
body as an entrenched parasite, it cannot resist sugar. Thus the sugar is the bait that 
causes the Candida to let down its defenses. In its haste to get at the sugar it is 
exposed to the turpentine and dies. Not all of the Candida is killed. The majority of 
Candida pack their bags and make a mad dash to the exit. All reproductive and 
metabolic activity ceases as the Candida seeks to save itself and exit what it percieves 
as a very dangerous situation. 


At the time that I started using turpentine, I had made many dietary changes. This is 
why I believe that I did not experience any cleansing reactions and got such prompt and 
positive results. I will outline below the proper preparation of the body before using 
turpentine for Candida as well as the experience of others. There are 5 phases to 
healing Candida. 

Failure can be attributed to 3 things: 


1. Not doing all 5 steps 

2. Not doing them in the right order 

3. Doing any one step incorrectly. 


Step 1: which is very important, is to get as much waste out of the body as possible. 
This is critical. You cannot eradicate a parasite if your body is filled with its favorite food 
or if the places where the immune system would take the parasite are filled. You must 
take out the trash--this means emptying the gut. 

The most neglected portion is the small intestines. This part must be empty as the final 
cure for yeast involves the immune system dumping yeast from all over the body into 
the small intestines via the bile duct. If the small intestine is sluggish, the bile is blocked 
and the immune system cannot do its part to heal you. 

Clearing the small intestine can be accomplished by drinking 1 quart of water for each 
60 pounds of body weight each day as a first step. Then, take castor oil (3 to 6 tbs) 
once a week, or 1 bottle of magnesium citrate weekly or Dr Daniels’ Vitality Capsules 
daily as directed ( Many people prefer Dr Daniels’ Vitality 
Capsules as they can be adjusted for your personal comfort. 

Daily warm water enemas using distilled water are very helpful, especially for the week 
before and while you are taking turpentine. 

Note: If you are having 3 or more bowel movements a day, your small intestine is most 
likely clear. 

Step 2: Stop eating Candida's favorite foods. 

This is any food that is blended, cooked, or mixed with something else before you buy 
it. Yes, rice milk, rice cakes, power bars, granola, etc. Also, convert all beverages to 
water. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed. 

Breads risen with yeast are a major hazard. Studies done in the 90’s to analyze the 
yeast in women with recurrent vaginitis found it was the same strain of yeast used in 
making bread. So stop eating breads, meats and dairy. These "foods" are all full of 
parasites that stress your system and make your body unable to cure the Candida. 

Step 3 : Strengthen the immune system with food that is organic or locally grown, 
purchased fresh and prepared in your home. 


The diet I advise is fresh raw fruit, green leafy vegetables, root vegetables and squash. 
Also overcooked grains such as quinoa, millet and brown rice or black rice and one raw 
salad a day. Eat all you want. If you are raw, same diet just do not cook it. 

Spices to use are any green leafy herb, curry, garlic, pepper, cumin, cinnamon. 

Notice that nuts, beans, cooked fruit and dried fruit are absent. These foods create a 
hostile environment for allowing healing conditions in your body. Dried fruit and nuts 
absolutely aggravate Candida. Trail mix is an abomination and has destroyed the health 
of many a health nut. It nearly did me in. I used to mix my own. That is how ignorant I 

By following my dietary recommendations, much of the Candida will leave just because 
their favorite foods are not readily available. Next are some sample menus to use with 
the Candida Cleaner. It is important to stay well hydrated according to the directions in 
step 1 of the 5-step Candida Cleaner protocol. 

Candida Cleaner - Sample Menus 

Menu for Raw Foodists: 



All the fresh fruit you care for 



All the fresh fruit you care for 

If you crave something savory then "after eating the fruit" you can have a Savory Veggie 
Stew or salad. No overt fats like oils (including salad dressings with oil), avocados, nuts, 
seeds, coconuts should be added. 


Water as per your body weight recommendation in Step 1 . 

A small fruit meal to make sure you've gotten enough carbohydrates. 

Wait about 15 to 30 minutes and then eat a large salad or two, or make some Savory 


Veggie Stews which you can find out more about at 

Menu for Cooked food eaters: 



Fresh fruit with or without hot oatmeal or cooked quinoa with extra water to porridge 
consistency (eat the fruit first and then eat the porridge) 


Salad, the larger the better; lemon juice or papaya dressing. Must contain one leafy 
green ingredient 

Brown rice and vegetables 

May substitute quinoa, sweet potatoes, black rice, red rice for brown rice 



Same as lunch 

Note: For people who eat cooked foods, it is mandatory that they get at least one raw 
dish a day. For people who are raw, it is mandatory that they get some greens each 

A salad or Savory Veggie Stews would accomplish this. 

You can get more information and recipes that have worked for others at 

Step 4: Supplements should be minimal as the Candida eats your supplements and, 
like any good parasite, gets fed first. 

I have told many a patient to cut back and even stop quite a few supplements for this 
reason. I used to feel that the more supplements the better. Then, I noticed that my 


patients that relied on supplements, just kept taking more and more but did not get 

Here is a list of what I recommend: 

* 2 Bcomplex 50, 2 ACES 2 times a day. ACES is a product made by Carlson. It is a 
combination of antioxidants in a particular ratio so that you do not deplete other 
nutrients by oversupplying one nutrient. 

* B1 2 sublingual lOOOmcg 

* Trace minerals twice the dose on the bottle 

* % cup brown flax seed - soak overnight in 1 cup of water. Stir and drink in the 

Step 5: Kill and repel parasites that have not yet left. 

This last step will take you to how you felt before you were ill. This is when you use 
turpentine. If you weigh between 40 pounds and 240 pounds, the MAXIMUM dose is 1 
teaspoon a day. 

If you weigh 241 and above, you may have more Candida than others and you should 
actually use a lesser dose. 1/2 tsp will give less die off and discomfort. If this dose is 
tolerated, it is ok to gradually increase the dose to one tsp. 


Turpentine may be taken in the morning but most people complain about burping the 
taste of turpentine throughout the day. It can be taken in the evening but at least 2 
hours before bedtime. Some people feel that they sleep better if they allow 2 hours 
before bedtime. 


It can be taken with or without food. It seems to be equally effective. 


If you weigh between 40 pounds and 240 pounds, the MAXIMUM dose is 1 teaspoon a 

1. Take 3 Sugar Cubes. They must measure 1cm or less on each side. There is a 
popular brand of sugar cubes in the United States that are the smallest ones available. 
All other sugar cube sizes will be too big to use. 


If you use the sugar cube size larger than 1 centimeter then you'll end up overdosing on 
the turpentine in other words... taking more than 1 teaspoon per day. Sorry but we can't 
mention the brand of sugar cubes here. 

2. Stack one sugar cube on top of the other. 

3. Take one tsp of turpentine and drip onto the top sugar cube. 

4. Keep dripping until the turpentine begins to enter the bottom cube. 

5. Take the top sugar cube place in your mouth, chew about three times and chase 
with water. The water is used to help you swallow the Candida cleaner and move it from 
your mouth down your throat. 

Repeat with the second then the third cube. 


If you are unable to find sugar cubes measuring 1 cm or less, you may use granulated 
white sugar. One rounded teaspoon. Pour 3/4 tsp of turpentine over the spoonful of 
sugar. Some granules of sugar should remain dry or untouched by turpentine. If every 
granule is soaked with turpentine, DISCARD THIS SPOONFUL. Repeat with less 
turpentine. Place in your mouth and chase with water. No need to chew. 

If you weigh 241 and above, you may have more Candida than others and you should 
actually use less turpentine. 

1/2 tsp will give less die off and discomfort. If this dose does not give any benefit, it is 
ok to increase to 1 tsp over a period of 4 doses. 

Instructions for People with Candida Symptoms for more than Two Years 

If you fall into this category, you may benefit from taking the Candida cleaner once a day 
for 4 days then, 2 times a week until you reach your pre-candida state. The long term 
dosing is once a month or 2 times a year like our ancestors did. 


Repeat this dosing 2 times a week: Monday and Friday, Saturday and Tuesday, etc. 
This completes the 5 steps. I allow 1 week to complete each of the 5 steps. These 
steps must be done thoroughly or there will be Candida die off caused by Candida that 
are trapped and unable to leave the body. 



So what does turpentine and sugar help and how does one take it? Or how has it been 
taken in the past, I should say. My first inclination to use turpentine and sugar was for 
people who had chronic, severe, longstanding illness, for which nothing had worked. 

And what comes to mind, are conditions such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, and 
rheumatoid arthritis. Now many of you will recognize these as something called 
autoimmune disorders. 

What I found was that these people benefited greatly from going on an organic, vegan, 
whole food diet for a couple of weeks, instituting enemas, and following it up with a 
water fast of five to seven days, at which point they were generally out of the woods. 

But one problem these people universally had is they would have sugar cravings, they 
would have cravings for meat, and this interfered with their compliance and healing. For 
these people, turpentine and sugar twice a week cut out their cravings, prevented their 
relapses, and was of great benefit. So those were some areas where it was very 

I will share the story of one person who was helped by it. 

This person was highly educated, and actually her husband was a Ph.D. scientist. 

When I suggested to them that perhaps turpentine and sugar would be of help, he was 
immediately concerned that his wife of many decades might even think of embarking on 
such a therapy or intervention, that everyone knew had to be lethal. 

Since he was at a very large university with great research capabilities, he did a 
literature search at his university with all the tools at his command and found that 
turpentine had been used historically to kill worms. Yes, worms. And for this it was 
very effective, and that in certain doses, which he did not disclose to me, was actually 
quite safe and without ill effect. 

His wife did take turpentine for her condition and received relief but after about three 
doses she felt that turpentine was just not something she really wanted to take. Now 
the other thing I found about turpentine is, not only does it kill worms, but it appears to 
kill bacteria and fungi as well. 

One person came to me and she had a book, and the book was The Yeast Connection . 

She came into the office waving this book and yelling, “ Doctor, Doctor, do you know 
about yeast? Do you know about the yeast syndrome? I have candidiasis throughout 
my whole body and I’ve been to I don’t know how many doctors and no one has been 
able to help me. I don’t even want to see you unless you are an expert in yeast." 

I said, "Well, I’m not an expert in yeast but I think that maybe I can be helpful." 


She calmed down, I politely accepted the book from her hand and placed it on the 
counter, listened to her story of her yeast and all of her yeast symptoms, and discussed 
with her the dietary changes she might want to make, some water that she should drink, 
and then I suggested turpentine and sugar. 

She said, “WHAT?!” 

I said, “Yes, turpentine and sugar”. 

She said, “You know what, Doctor, I am so fed up, I am feeling so lousy, I will even do 

I saw her back in a couple of weeks, which was only enough time to take two doses of 

I said, "Well Miss Jones, how is your yeast doing?" 

She said, "Yeast, what yeast? I don’t have any yeast. I’m doing fine." 

So I can only deduce that to the extent that she had yeast, that the turpentine was 

Now the other thing that might be of interest at this point is a little more about the history 
of turpentine. Many people asked me about research done on turpentine, evidence of 
turpentine’s effectiveness. 

I would like to say, I’m not much of a fan of research because every research project I 
have been involved with, I have been asked to falsify data. So even though I do go to 
the library, even though I do look up research, even though I do read it, I realize that it 
may not be as reliable as it appears. 

So what do we know about turpentine? 

First of all, there is a company called Merck. It is a pharmaceutical company. Merck 
produces something called the Merck Manual. Now the Merck Manual discusses all 
diseases that have been identified or the ones that it feels are most important, and talks 
about various types of therapies that are appropriate and accepted for them. 

The Merck Manual was first published in 1 899. If you look up turpentine in the 1 899 
manual of Merck, it will let you know that turpentine therapy is effective for the following: 

* gonorrhea 

* meningitis 




* abdominal difficulties 

* lung disease 

The list goes on and on and on. 

Fast forward to 1999, the Merck Manual, a much thicker book I might say, and look up 
turpentine and all you find is turpentine poisoning. It talks about the dire effects of 
turpentine poisoning. And it talks about destruction of the kidneys and destruction of 
the lungs. 

I can say to my observation, I have been taking it now for oh a good ten years and 
observed at least one hundred people taking it. I have certainly not seen any of those 
effects and neither has anyone I’m aware of who has chosen to avail themselves of 
turpentine. The reason may be the dose. The dangerous dose of turpentine in the 
literature is one tablespoon. The dose I used with great results and minimal side effects 
was one teaspoon. 

Turpentine is out there, it has been used with great success certainly in the 1800’s, and 
somehow in the twenty-first century there is no knowledge of it. 

There is another pharmaceutical company called Parke Davis. Back in 1901 Parke 
Davis published a similar compendium of available medical therapies and their uses, 
and you see turpentine listed in the Parke Davis compendium of medical therapy. Now 
I am not aware that Parke Davis is still in the publishing business in terms of a 
comprehensive medical manual. 

So we have quite a bit of publications with published information in the 1800’s by the 
pharmaceutical companies themselves indicating that turpentine has been used to 
benefit in various afflictions. 

Now what other information is available about turpentine? 

Well it seems that turpentine was in great use in the veterinary field, especially in the 
area of horses. So if you gave a horse turpentine, and it was generally turpentine and 
sugar, then the horse would be faster, and the horse would have a shinier coat. So if 
you have a show horse, for example it would be a great advantage. Now again, I am 
not familiar with the dosing in horses. 

But, these are the areas where turpentine and sugar has a definite track record. 


So, after risking my life, doing all of his research, I then went back to my mother and 
asked, “Now Mom, what about turpentine and sugar? Do you remember anything about 
turpentine and sugar?" 

And she thought and she thought and she thought. And my mother is seventy-three 
years old. She says, "You know what? My grandmother used turpentine and sugar." 

And that’s about right. So a seventy-three year old person in the twenty-first century, 
and their grandmother might have been alive back in 1900. So that’s another case of 
turpentine and sugar. 

What else have I learned about turpentine and sugar over the years? Well, turpentine 
and sugar absolutely cannot just be taken casually. Turpentine is a very special 
substance. It is commonly known as paint thinner. But, not all paint thinner is 
turpentine. Turpentine is a naturally occurring substance. It is the oil of the spruce 
tree. This is a common evergreen tree in the United States. And it is actually 
comparable to tea tree oil of Australia. So it is an oil that oozes out of a tree and has 
great antibiotic and disinfectant properties among other things. 


It turns out that bacteria, fungi, viruses, worms and parasites of all description are 
tremendously familiar with turpentine. As soon as turpentine touches the lips, every 
parasite in the body is on Red Alert. And they have got to make a decision. They are 
either going to stay and fight, or they are going to leave the body. If their favorite foods 
are not readily available, they will choose to leave. If their favorite foods are available in 
good supply, they will choose to stay and fight. Now, there are only so many exits. And 
so it turns out that if one is going to take turpentine, it is very important to prepare a fast 
and easy exit for parasites, because they do not want to stick around. 

So the most important thing one can do, prior to even attempting turpentine, or even 
purchasing the can of turpentine, is to be well hydrated. Drink drink one liter per fifty or 
sixty pounds of body weight for several days prior to turpentine. Also either do your 
own enemas daily, or take Dr. Daniels’ Vitality Capsules, (you can find them at .') until you have three bowel movements a day. 

Now many people prefer Dr. Daniels’ Vitality capsules because you just take the 
capsule, you don’t have to take your clothes off, you don’t have to put a bunch of water 
up there, or whatever. And it is a lot easier. 

But you need to have frequent bowel movements that occur very easily because once 
the turpentine touches your lips the parasites will rush for the nearest exit. If you are 
constipated-the intestinal exit is not wide open. It is like people running from a crowded 
theater that is on fire. The parasites are going to go to your lungs (you will get a cough) 


to see if they can get out that way, they are going to go to your skin (you are going to 
get rashes), they are going to go to your head (you are going to get a headache). 

So when you are well hydrated have the preferred exit ( colon ) cleared out, so they can 
leave, taking turpentine and sugar is uneventful. It has been my observation that one 
should be having at least three bowel movements per day before even taking turpentine 
and sugar. So before taking turpentine one must prepare an exit because the parasites 
would rather leave your body than fight but they will stand and fight. And so it is 
important to cooperate or let them cooperate with you and leave you body so you don’t 
have the misery. 

Now the next question of course, how do these parasites get in your body? Why does 
anyone need turpentine anyway? 

Well it turns out that just in the course of day-to-day life, humans encounter parasites. 
Perhaps you inhale them but more likely you eat them either in your meat or your dairy 
products or your bread and fermented foods. Even if you are vegetarian or vegan, an 
occasional microbe will enter. It is just one of those things. This is why our great- 
grandparents would use turpentine periodically, twice a year as a preventive measure 

In modern times, we have all of these new-fangled diseases that are were so rare just 2 
generations ago. Why was that? After seeing the miracle curing powers of Turpentine, 

I believe it is because they took their turpentine twice a year. Because my observation 
has been, that modern man, once his bowels are cleared out and turpentine is 
administered twice a week, that these rare conditions actually recede or improve. So it 
might be that these medical difficulties are simply a function of this lost knowledge that 
has not been applied. 

I have had people call me up long distance and say, "Oh Dr. Daniels, I feel so much 
better. Can I take more turpentine?" 

I say "Well you can do anything you want but I would not recommend more turpentine." 

When turpentine is used, parasites have to be managed by the immune system. 
Increasing the dose of turpentine can bring on a cleansing reaction if the amount of 
parasites deciding to leave exceeds the immune system’s ability to direct them. For this 
reason, getting great results with turpentine means that you are at the right dose for 
you. It does not mean that a higher dose is better. 


Now turpentine and sugar cannot be taken casually. You really do need to open up the 
bowels and get them going. 


One example I’d like to give you is a patient in my medical practice years ago. She was 
a beautiful Italian lady, very young, maybe thirty-something, and she had this 
complexion that was very lumpy and bumpy. 

And at first glance, you would think, "Oh what an awful case of acne!" 

She had this lumpy bumpy face and she said it just really bothered her— it made her very 
self-conscious. And she wanted to get rid of all these lumps and bumps. 

I explained to her that well, you know, the dairy products have got to go and meat and 
so on. 

And she said, "Well, I’m Italian and I eat cheese." 

I said, "Well that’s a consideration." 

And so she was able to do a few things, and so these lumps that were all over her face, 
left her forehead, left her eyes, left her cheeks, and she only had these lumps from her 
lower lip on down to her chin. 

I really felt that turpentine would probably take away the last little bit there. So I 
mentioned turpentine to her but I said, "You know you have to do enemas to clear 
yourself out if you’re not going to have 3 bowel movements a day. " 

Because of her job, she couldn’t use the bathroom three times a day, that was out, and 
so enemas would be the way to go. She decided to go ahead and use the turpentine 
and sugar without doing enemas or clearing out her colon first. I saw her back about a 
month later. 

She was in good spirits which was a good thing, she laughed, and she said, "You know 
what? I tried turpentine and sugar and you were right, I shouldn’t have done it." 

I said, "Well, what happened?" 

She said, "My whole skin turned black." 

I said, "Oh my God." 

She said, "Yeah, but then I started doing the enemas and it cleared up." 

But still, that was quite an effect. So it is really important to clean out the bottom end, 
get the exit wide open so the parasites can leave or can at least go to the intestines 
instead of creating problems other places around the body. Her face cleared up totally 
and she got rid of all the little bumps on her chin. 


Now one teaspoon is the adult dose. What does it mean ~ adult dose? Adult is, for 
purposes of turpentine, somebody over forty pounds. It seems that the three sugar 
cubes per day, for anyone over forty pounds, works just fine. Now turpentine, as I 
mentioned, is a very natural product, naturally occurring in nature, just simply the oil of 
the spruce tree. 

Now many people like to know what brand of turpentine? 

Well, as I said, I picked up a brand of turpentine by accident that just so happened to be 
100% pure gum spirits of turpentine and it's quite tasty. And, it goes down pretty easily. 
And so after awhile of using this type with really great results, I was leaving on a trip 
with my children and forgot to pack the turpentine. 

While on the road, I could not find turpentine and purchased a brand that wasn't 100% 
pure gum spirits of turpentine. Oh my God, I thought I was going to die! I realized that 
the can ingredients were not 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. 

The brand does not matter. Just make sure that whatever brand you purchase is 100% 
pure gum spirits of turpentine for the purposes of internal use. 

Remember, use 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine. 

Now there are many, many, many types of turpentine and paint thinners and solvents. 
So when you go to the hardware store, it is almost as bad as picking out a breakfast 
cereal. Stick to your guns, read the labels very carefully, and only get 100% pure gum 
spirits of turpentine. 

Now I’ll have to say, I have not talked to turpentine makers, I have not consulted with 
them, and they will tell you, just like their can does, I’m sure, that turpentine in the 
United States is definitely not a product for internal use. 

That brings me to another story of a person that I saw. 

This person came to the United States as an immigrant from Russia. And she was a 
very nice lady and her family loved her dearly. 

When she came to America she was a healthy lady, but she quickly became ill. And 
she finally reached a point where she was moaning, and complaining and crying that 
back in her old country when she got sick they gave her kerosene and she got well 
again. And why can’t she find that magical kerosene here in the United States? 

And so her son grew up listening to this refrain. He luckily, married a very kind woman. 
His mother complained to her daughter-in-law that if only she could find this magical 
kerosene, she would be healthy again. It would restore her health. And so finally the 


daughter-in-law took her to the health food store and said, "Mama, if that magical 
kerosene is here in the United States, surely the health food store would carry it." 

They took her to the health food store and she told the people at the store the story of 
the magical kerosene. And they laughed and they said, “Wow, you need to go visit Dr. 

She asked, “Oh does she sell kerosene? 

They said, " I’m not telling you any more, go visit Dr. Daniels.” 

She came to see me and told me her story about the magical kerosene. She told me 
she was so sick her family thought that she might die. She was given the glass of 
kerosene and after she drank the glass of kerosene, she was able to get up from her 
sickbed and she was healthy from that day forward. 

And so I said to her, "In America we have kerosene, but our kerosene comes in blue 
and pink and sometimes clear. And the blue and pink definitely have chemicals in it, 
and even the clear is not the same quality all the time. So I don’t use kerosene and I 
haven’t had much experience with it." 

I also told her that what she had in her country was not a glassful of kerosene, but it 
was a glass of water with several drops of kerosene put into the water, and that in 
America we have turpentine. 

So I explained to her all about the turpentine and how to use the turpentine. And so she 
was very, very happy, extremely relieved, and she thanked her daughter-in-law again 
and again, profusely, for having found the magical kerosene and helped her search this 

She took the turpentine and her afflictions cleared up just as she hoped. And she had 
been in the States for about at least thirty years and had been looking and looking and 
looking to find the magical kerosene that had helped her so much when she was in 

Now another turpentine story I’ll tell you, this person was fairly well educated, and she 
was actually a school principal, and she had multiple afflictions. 

She had asthma, arthritis, hypertension, herpes, and then hormone replacement which 
was the fashion of the day. So, she came to see me with all these drugs. 

As a good doctor, I renewed all of her drugs and checked her for side effects 
periodically. One day, she came in and she said, "Doctor, my thumb is paralyzed. I 
have feeling there but I can’t move it. It is simply paralyzed." 


I said, "Oh, let me see. 

Sure enough, she couldn’t move her thumb. I pressed and I poked and it wasn’t tender 
anywhere and I could not see any anatomical problem. 

I said, "Well, you know what? I can’t guarantee you this is going to help at all, but it 
seems to me this might be a case for turpentine." 

She broke out laughing, and said, "You know what, I think I’ll try it." 

She tried the turpentine, she took it twice a week, and a month later she came back and 
she said, "I’ve got something to show you." 

I said, "Oh, what can that be?" 

She pulled out her hand and wiggled her thumb and she said, “There’s absolutely 
nothing wrong with it, its perfectly fine, and isn’t that great? I think it was the 

I also checked her blood pressure at that time and she was able to cut back her blood 
pressure medications, her breathing had also improved, and it took about two years and 
some dietary changes and she was ultimately able to stop taking all of her medication. 

Now that is a very amazing thing. 

Since then, many other people have had a similar experience, so I would say to anyone 
who elects to embark on taking turpentine for whatever reason, to be sure to check with 
your physician, have whatever medical condition you have monitored closely, and have 
your medications adjusted. 

There is no medication that turpentine interacts with. I have observed people taking it 
alongside all manner of medicines, but you certainly don’t want to take blood pressure 
medicine when your blood pressure is fallen down to normal. Because turpentine is 
very powerful and cures many conditions, you want to have your medications monitored 
so your doctor can stop them as needed. 

In fact, this lady, I saw her back and her blood pressure was 120 systolic. With her last 
itty bitty little pill she was taking, I said "I think it's time to stop the blood pressure 
medicine. So stop your blood pressure medicine, I’ll see you back in about a month, if 
your blood pressure has gone up, then you know I’ll put you back on the medicine, if it 
stays low then you’ll be okay." 

I saw her back in a month and her blood pressure top number was 90. I said "Excuse 
me, Miss Jones, are you still taking your blood pressure medicine?" 


She said, "Oh yes, yes, I am still taking it, I feel so afraid to stop it." 

I said, "Well Miss Jones, if you keep taking that blood pressure medicine, I do believe 
you are going to pass out and hit the sidewalk." 

And then she stopped her blood pressure medicine and to this day her blood pressure 
is 1 10 over 70. And of course she does still take her turpentine, and every now and 
then she’ll have a little question about turpentine and she will call me. 

So with turpentine it is extremely, extremely important, again, to make sure that colon is 
clear, you’ve got a clear exit, make sure you’re well hydrated, you’re drinking your one 
quart every fifty or sixty pounds of body weight. And as you take the turpentine you will 
notice your craving for sweets goes away. Fine. Do not eat the sweets--because you 
no longer have a desire for them many of your conditions aggravated by sugar will also 
go away. 

You will also notice you no longer have a craving for meat. Your craving for meat and 
white flour will be lessened. Go right along with this and cut back on those things as 
you no longer crave them. 

I found that turpentine is of excellent assistance to people who are having difficulty 
sticking with a healthy regimen, people who want to eat less sugar but have a terrible 
sugar craving, people who want to eat less meat but crave meat. People who want to 
stop eating at fast food places but just crave the food. Once they take the turpentine 
those cravings become easily overcome or disappear completely. And that is an 
amazing thing. Turpentine at a cost of less than ten dollars a year can be that big a 

The other thing I realized is the reason people have those cravings is because the 
parasites that turpentine kills are actually creating chemicals that are making people feel 
that they need these sugars and refined foods. The Candida are actually creating an 
environment for their own preservation. They are actually creating chemicals to tell you 
to go get the very food they need to survive in your body. When you take turpentine, 
their number decreases, the strength and amount of their chemicals decrease and 
cravings decrease. This is an outstanding way for people to start eating healthy and no 
longer be a prisoner to their Candida. 

One very real issue with Candida intervention of any kind is the dreaded die off 
reaction. This is caused when many Candida are killed and they release their toxic 
chemicals that overwhelm the immune system as they die off. The method described 
above prevents this by clearing as many Candida as possible from the bowels, getting 
you well hydrated and having you take the turpentine only 2 times a week. By taking 
the turpentine 2 times a week, your immune system is not overwhelmed by die off and 
most of the yeast just exit to the toilet rather than die. 


Once you do steps 1 through 4, in preparation for taking turpentine, the Candida will be 
fewer in number and strength. This is why many people are able to take just one or 2 
doses to resolve Candida. Still others take it 2 times a week for 2 years. However long 
you choose to take turpentine, is important not to exceed 2 times a week and continue 
with steps 1 to 4. This allows your immune system to heal you without a cleansing 
reaction or die off reaction. 


1. VAGINAL CANDIDIASIS: Many women have recurrent or persistent vaginal 
candidiasis. Of course, use steps 1 through 5 above. Then, because the vaginal area 
is difficult to penetrate with turpentine, garlic tea douches work very well. Mix 2 crushed 
cloves of garlic in 1 quart of water. Boil for 5 minutes. Strain, add enough water to make 
a quart. Allow to cool to just above body temperature. Douche. Do this 2 times a day 
until clear. This often provides rapid relief of symptoms and can be done right along 
with step one through 5 above. 

Most women find that once clear, they need to repeat about once every several months 
when their diet gets out of line - too many non-water beverages or bread can tip it off. 


This is a headache or worsening of any symptoms. This is caused by not enough water 
in your system. Drink the recommended amount of water in step 1 for at least one week 
before attempting turpentine and while you are taking turpentine. 

The second cause is too much waste in the system. This means that the intestines 
have too much waste and will not allow the Candida to exit as they wish. The solution is 
to stop the turpentine and clear the bowels using suggestions in step one. 


The number one cause of this is too much turpentine and too little sugar. 

When pouring the turpentine onto the sugar, pour only enough to enter the bottom 
cube. If you pour so much turpentine that it reaches the plate the sugar cube rests on 
and makes a puddle, you need to throw those cubes away and start over. DO NOT EAT 
THOSE CUBES. The sugar acts as the dispersing agent and slows the absorption of 
turpentine. This means that you must use more sugar than turpentine or the turpentine 
gets absorbed too quickly. 



If you fall into this category, you may benefit from taking the Candida cleaner once a day 
for 4 days then, 2 times a week until you reach your pre-candida state. The long term 
dosing is once a month or 2 times a year like our ancestors did. 


Censorship is so severe that it is difficult to find information on turpentine in print. Now 
that you know what this Candida cleaner can do for you, it is up to you to decide. If you 
decide it's for you, fine, if you decide its not for you, that’s fine, too. Many people 
choose to keep this information handy until they feel the moment is right. 

This is a fantastic piece of history and an effective and powerful remedy that was in use 
by our grandparents and great-grandparents and is still used in many rural areas. So, I 
hope that you find this information useful and helpful. 

Yours in good health, 

Dr. Jennifer Daniels 


Candida Cleaner FAQ’s 

Q. Do I chew the sugar cube or just swallow? 

A. Chew the sugar cubes until they are small enough to swallow and chase with water. 
About 3 chews should be enough. 

Q. It is important to chew the sugar cubes? 

A. Yes. They will stick in your throat unless you chew them. 

Q. How do I eat the turpentine sugar cubes? 

A. Place the top cube in your mouth. Chew then chase with water to get the turpentine 
in your stomach as soon as possible. Repeat until all 3 cubes are taken. 

Q. Do I pile the sugar cubes on top of each other or do I lay them side by side? 
A. Stack one on top of the other. 

Q. What if I cannot find 1cm Sugar Cubes ? 

A. If you are unable to find 1 cm Sugar Cubes, you may use granulated white sugar. 
One rounded teaspoon. Pour 3/4 tsp of turpentine over the spoonful of sugar. 
Examine the spoon carefully to be sure that not all sugar is soaked with turpentine. 
Place in your mouth and chase with water. 

Q. I feel great, Can I take more than one teaspoon a day? 

A. NO. One tsp is the dose at which people get great benefit. Larger doses cause 
unwanted symptoms. It is best to feel better each day without unwanted symptoms. 

Q. What kind of water should I drink and How much and when? 

A. The recommended water is distilled, the amount is 1 quart per 60 pounds of body 
weight and drink the daily amount before 6pm and after noon. You can space it out 
from the time you get up until 6pm. 


Q. I burp the turpentine and I do not like the taste. What can I do? 

A. Take turpentine with food or take the turpentine later in the day like an hour or 2 
before bedtime. This way, you are asleep while you are burping and it does not 
interfere with your daily activities. 

Q. My head or tummy hurts after I take turpentine. What should I do? 

A. If you have tummy pain, this means that. Your water intake is not enough or your 
bowels are not moving briskly enough. Stop the turpentine and increase your efforts at 
steps 1 to 4 outlined above. 

Especially track the number of bowel movements that you have and measure your 
water as you drink it to be sure that you are having 3 bowel movements a day and 
drinking one quart of water per 60 pounds of body weight. 

Once you are have adjusted your bowel movements and water intake, you may resume 
turpentine and take with food. 

Q. How many times do I have to take Turpentine? 

A. Many people find that once they do steps 1 to 4 above, they can take 1 or 2 doses 
with relief. Still others feel they need more. It is ok to take it 2 times a week for years. 
See special cases. 

Once you reach your goal. Take it less than 2 times a week. The final dose is 
somewhere between once a month and 2 times a year. This is due to re exposure to 

Q. Can I use Honey or raw turbinado? 

A. No, you may not use honey. Honey has too much nutritional value. Also, honey 
does not act as a transport for the turpentine and control its absorption like sugar does. 

White sugar is best as it attracts the Candida without strengthening it. Yes, Raw 
turbinado is acceptable. Stevia or any non sugar sweetener is not acceptable. 

Q. You mentioned in Step # 2 that we shouldn't blend any foods. Can you give some 

Step 2: Stop eating Candida's favorite foods. 

This is any food that is blended, cooked, or mixed with something else before you 
buy it. 

A. You can blend or mix your foods. The manufacturer may not. The deterioration of the 
nutritional value or the addition of chemicals necessary to conceal the deterioration 
promotes Candida. 

You can make and eat savory veggie stews or other blended raw foods. You should not 
buy prepackaged foods that simply require you to add water and mix. 



I hope this gives you a good idea of how to apply the miracle cure to your life. I use it 
about every two months. 


Dr Jennifer Daniels 


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